Pajama Day
7/30/2012 10:37:40 AM
Sometimes you just gotta be comfy! In preparation for the Girls Only Pajama Party (separate post coming soon!) we invited all of MMPT's staff and patients to come in their PJs.

The West Monroe Adult Clinic and the Ruston Clinic both sported their sleepwear. Don't the Ruston girls look cute with their pigtails?

In the West Monroe Peds Clinic we had a good showing. But of course, Kief took the cake when he turned up in his footy pajamas. He thought he would pose like a baby on the big orange ball. The process of him climbing up there was almost funnier than his outfit.

A few of our super cute kiddos showed up in their PJs too.

But even in our jammies, we continued with our daily work, giving the best therapy to our awesome patients!

Stay tuned for tons of pics of all of our little girlies partying it up at our Girls Only Pajama Party that took place later on in the evening!

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